How to Unblock a Toilet

#Jimmy Stanton 15 February 2021
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how to unblock a toilet

Step-by-step Guide to Unblocking a Toilet

How do You Unblock a Toilet:
Oh no! Who did it? Who done it? Who's gonna clean it? We feel your pain.

Its definitely one of the most awful and smelliest jobs that people avoid with a barge pole, but in all fairness it's an easy enough task to conquer.

Our Guide on how to unblock a toilet will have you easily complete the task in no time at all. You can then refer back to this page time and time again if you get into trouble. Please feel free to Bookmark this page as you see fit.

1. Account for all your tools before undertaking this battle with Goliath

What Tool Will You Need:

a). A plunger: ideally ball-shaped
b). Rubber gloves
c). Old newspaper to cover the floor around the toilet
d). Bleach or drain unblocker or caustic soda
e). An open windowmor fan

2. It is tempting to keep on flushing in the hope of clearing the bloackage.

If you try it once and it doesn't clear the problem, you can rest assure it's blocked, and no further amount of flushing is going to easily resolve it. If you are well aware of what is the cause of the blockage, say a child's toy or toilet roll, you should know the proceedure. Grab a pair of Yellow Marigold Gloves and get in there. If it happens to be something more pungent, you will have to employ the plunger.

3. Locate whereabouts you think the blockage is within the basin

Lift your outside drain cover to see if there is a build up of water. If there is, the blockage is further along the soil pipe. If there's no build up, you can rest assured that the blockage is in the soil pipe between the loo, drain or in the basin. It is possible to clear any blockages in the pipes by using specialist equipment. However, a wire clothes hanger can work just as well.

4. Use your plunger to firmly press against the blockage

Use a plunger that has a good seal, that is complete without any fractured cracks or splits. Plug it towards the source of the blockage and create a vacuum by sealing it around the pipe and plunge. If you still experience issues, use your clothes hanger to reach in and clear any build up of tissues or sanitary items etc. Repeat the proceedure again until the blockage clears.

Top tip: Run the plunger under hot water before getting to work. This softens up the rubber, so it is more effective.

5. Dissolve the blockage

If you suspect that your toilet is only partially blocked, you can employ the use of hot water. Pour it into the toilet pan from about a meter and then try using your plunger again. The hot water can assist in dissolving the blockage and free up the plunger to be more effective. If this method doesn't work, you may need to recruit the help of some caustic soda or drainage cleaner. It is often harmful to the naked skin, so be sure to wear gloves for this step.

6. Clean up the evidence

Hopefully, one or a combination of these steps should have accomplished a result. Once you have successfully unblocked the toilet and it is flushable once again, give your toilet a good scrub and clean using bleach. Open up a window or switch on an extractor fan, and air well.

7. Ongoing issues

If you find that none of these methods work, or if you encounter numerous issues, there are several decent quality drainage solutions at your local supermarket. Try a few of those before giveing us a call to resolve the problem.